We manufacture TOP Sweet Saunf (fennel), Player's Sweet Supari (Betel Nut), and Player's Mix-Mukhwas with several varieties. Our products are eco-friendly and natural products of high quality standards.

Saunf (Fennel seeds) are the most widely used spice in India as they have a strong aroma. Saunf has always been a medicinal spice. It helps in clearing phlegm and is a trusted breath freshener. Ground fennel seeds are good for digestion. Fennel seeds are also dry roasted. Candied fennel seeds are
normally taken after food. In severe cough and cold conditions, fennel decoction is consumed. Saunf (Fennel) is added to desserts and some vegetarian dishes to act as a flavoring agent.

Supari is useful for Digestion. The dried nuts are said to sweeten the breath, strengthen the gums, and produce a stimulant and exhilarant effect on the system. Betel nut chewing is commonly indulged in after dinner. The mass is worked in the mouth without swallowing; the process stimulates a copious flow of saliva, which is continuously expectorated. Although a betel nut has been compared with chewing tobacco, betel nuts do not contain the harmful ingredients of tobacco. In fact, betel nut chewing may have some medicinal value, such as counteracting over acidity and producing a mild
stimulation and feeling of well-being.

Mukhwas is native to the subcontinent of India. Mukhwas is commonly used as a mouth freshner after meals. Mukhwas is also commonly used as a digestive, it has a sweet taste with overtones of sweet fennel and almost a candy like taste to it. We do not use any artificial colours (such as coal-tar dyes)
but rather use natural colours, which are extracted from plants and vegetation.

Our family has been in this kind of business from the year 1926 and has over 75 years of expertise in bringing the world-class products with a natural touch to your appetite. We have a family heritage of
Rashiklal supari (ANCHOR brand betal nut powder) from our beloved grand father Mr. Nanalal V Shah, the Founder.